Let’s be brutally honest, Scotland’s weather isn’t always that wonderful (that being said what a cracking June we have had, long may that continue! Please weather gods continue to be kind to us!). Entire summers can often glide by on permanent rain clouds and we’re well known for the four-seasons-in-a-single-hour phenomena – all year round. So it’s not really too surprising that we’re a nation of non-weather dependant types: unless it’s actually 27° below zero and our doors are frozen shut, we’ll bravely venture forth. And it’s even less of a surprise to find we’ve fallen head over heels for the concept of using flooring tiles to blend our indoors and outdoors into one, seamless space.

The idea of having more room to spread out is very appealing. And over the past few years we’ve worked on dozens of homes where clients wanted anything from sleek industrial tiling between kitchens and gardens to entire houses where natural stone or porcelain floors linked open plan living spaces to outdoor terraces. The potential’s pretty much endless: some clients want extra space to entertain, others are looking to let in light or make a feature of sensational views. And quite a few of our indoor/outdoor flooring projects have simply been an ideal way to get more out of great gardens, even during winter (or rained-off Scottish summers). Tempted to stretch out?

Limestone is a natural for extended living spaces

Natural limestone’s endlessly versatile, so of course, it works just as beautifully indoors as out. Better still it does both, so it’s the ideal material for flowing spaces together.

Misto Tumbled Limestone FLx600mm

You’ve probably heard cautionary tales about avoiding lighter colours outdoors: the theory being darker tiles disguise wear and tear. We say, choose the colour you love and we’ll make sure you know how to correctly maintain your paving so the tiles are in good shape for many years to come. In fact, pale tiles like Versailles Tumbled Limestone or Versailles Tumbled & Etched Limestone are great for maximising light – particularly good choice if you’re opening a relatively small room onto the outdoors. Or choose characterful Bastille Limestone for a warmer take on lighter toned flooring tiles. And of course, deep grey or almost-black limestones are incredible for adding drama at floor level.

Versailles Tumbled & Etched Limestone

A wider variety of tile shapes is another reason to go with natural stone – you also have the option to mix different sizes for added interest (Opus Pattern).

Take a closer look at our indoor/outdoor natural limestone flooring range

The infinite possibilities of porcelain floor tiles

Our first love might be natural stone, but we have to admit, almost nothing comes close to porcelain for linking indoor and outdoor spaces. For a start the colours are astonishingly diverse from palest of pale Warehouse White Porcelain to the gravitas of Suilven Black Porcelain – and just about every variation in between. Purpose designed for outdoors and in, porcelain tiles are also an incredibly easy, low-maintenance flooring option. Non-slip surfaces means sleek, industrial tiled floors and small children can safely co-habit. And just to put your mind at ease on the weather-front: feel free to fall in love with any of our porcelain range; all tiles are frost-proof, fade-resistant and designed to last.

Take a closer look at our indoor/outdoor porcelain flooring range

We want to hear your ideas!

Our team has years of experience advising our customers on the most suitable tile for them. Whether it be a natural stone or a porcelain tile that you wish to use  indoors and outdoors, we will be able to quickly point you in the right direction. So please do not hesitate to get in contact with your ideas, we love to hear them!

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