A Strathearn aged oak or natural stone floor is hard wearing, practical and all you will see is the beauty.

A correctly installed Strathearn floor will stay hardwearing, practical and beautiful for several lifetimes, which is why we pay just as much attention to handpicking our highly skilled installation team as we do to selecting our natural stone and oak. Of course, while nobody has quite the same experience installing Strathearn floors as our seasoned craftsmen, we also understand if you want to work with your own installation professional. So all of our flooring ranges can be supplied to exact specifications and ready to fit, with or without underfloor heating. To make sure the finished result is everything you expect from a Strathearn floor, we recommend you pay close attention to our installation guidelines. And naturally, if you need any advice or help, drop into one of our showrooms and speak to an expert or call us on 01764 684 836.