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Santiago Flor Porcelain

£2.56 + VAT per tile

Price per m2 – £64.00 + VAT

Our Santiago collection is an eclectic mix of beautiful handmade-effect tiles. The collection includes 200x200mm porcelain tiles, suitable for internal and external floors and walls, and smaller 150x150mm ceramic tiles, suitable for internal walls. These pretty little tiles are a great way to introduce an element of fun!

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Additional Information

Please note: These tiles are sold by the box. There are 25 tiles in each box, equalling 1 square metre.

Please note: Santiago Porcelain features pillowing edges that go down to 6mm in thickness.

Santiago Porcelain tiles are non-rectified porcelain tiles.

Lead time 2 to 3 weeks.

We recommend when ordering to include 10-15% for wastage and cuts.

Non-rectified and rectified

Non-rectified porcelain or ceramic tiles are cut to size prior to the firing process. The firing process then causes a degree of shrinkage and warping. These tiles are graded after firing but do not undergo any additional cutting. Because of this, greater variation in size (usually a matter of 1-2mm difference) between tiles should be expected compared with a rectified tile. Rectified tiles are cut to size after the firing process and so are much more precisely sized and have perfect 90 degree corners. When designing the tile layout consideration should be given as to whether tiles are rectified or non-rectified as this will have an influence on joint width and pattern.


Technical Information

Porcelain 200x200mmCeramic 150x150mm
Suitable for internal walls & ceilings (including wet areas)
Suitable for internal floors
Suitable for use with underfloor heating
Suitable for external use
Country of originItalyItaly
Slip RatingR10NA
Straight Edge Finish
Suitable for light-traffic areas e.g. ResidentialWall Only
Suitable for medium-traffic areas e.g. Residential & CommercialWall Only
Suitable for high-traffic areas e.g. Residential & CommercialWall Only

Porcelain & Ceramic Fitting Guidelines

For information about preparation and installation of our porcelain and ceramic tiles, see our Porcelain & Ceramic Fitting Guidelines.

Finishing Touches

We supply an extensive range of standard and customised finishing touches for your floor, including transitions and floor protection. For information, see Finishing Touches.

Maintain your Floor

For information on how to care for your floor, see Maintain your Floor.


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