Warmup’s electric underfloor heating systems are highly suitable for refurbishment projects and new builds, and nearly all electrical systems can be fitted onto existing subfloors and work with almost all flooring finishes.

Electric Underfloor Heating is a cleaner, more efficient way to heat a home. Floor heaters require much less energy to reach optimal comfort temperatures than traditional centrally-heated radiators and when installed in conjunction with Warmup’s Smart Thermostat, you can expect huge savings on heating bills too.
Warmup have a wide range of systems, catering to a variety of project requirements and budgets. When refurbishing older properties, subfloor movement can cause cracking of the floor finish. Warmup’s new DCM-PRO system combats this problem as the self-adhesive underside of the mat acts as a self-healing decoupling membrane; protecting your floors from damage. The installation of electric floor systems is quick, easy and clean. However, it is important to involve a qualified Part P certified electrician in the project to ensure that the electrical distribution is designed and carried out correctly. Installing electric floor heating has allowed millions of homeowners a warmer, more comfortable home with great personalisation of heating schedules.