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Tilly Rose Base Porcelain

£6.66 + VAT per tile

Price per m2 – £74.00 + VAT

The Tilly range is available in three different colour options, in both a base and a decor design. The pretty colour palette adds a contemporary twist while the decorative criss-cross pattern suits modern and period interiors alike.

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Additional Information

Please note: These tiles are sold by the box. There are 11 tiles in each box and 11 tiles per square metre.

The Tilly range are rectified porcelain tiles.

Lead time 2 to 3 weeks.

We recommend when ordering to include 10-15% for wastage and cuts.

Non-rectified and rectified

Non-rectified porcelain or ceramic tiles are cut to size prior to the firing process. The firing process then causes a degree of shrinkage and warping. These tiles are graded after firing but do not undergo any additional cutting. Because of this, greater variation in size (usually a matter of 1-2mm difference) between tiles should be expected compared with a rectified tile.Rectified tiles are cut to size after the firing process and so are much more precisely sized and have perfect 90 degree corners.When designing the tile layout consideration should be given as to whether tiles are rectified or non-rectified as this will have an influence on joint width and pattern.


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