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Osmo Mop Kit

£39.00£31.20 + VAT each

Osmo Mop Kits is a mop set for optimal cleaning of wooden floors. For use with the Osmo Telescopic Handle.

Additional Information

This kit includes:

  1. Floor Mop Head
  2. Dust-Mop: for dry cleaning
  3. Micro-Mop Plush: for damp cleaning with Osmo Wash and Care
  4. Active-Fibre Cloth: for intensive cleaning and refreshing with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

Quick, quiet and economical: Dust-Mop is especially developed for dry cleaning of dust, lint and animal hair.

Highly effective: A dash of Osmo Wash and Care in mop water removes everyday dirt exceptionally with Micro-Mop Plush.

Eventually, flooring needs to be refreshed. With Liquid Wax Cleaner the surface is regenerated and cleaned at the same time with Active-Fibre Cloth.

Technical Information

Click here to watch How to use your Osmo Mop Kit

Maintain your Floor

For information on how to care for your floor, see Maintain your Floor.


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