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Orcadie Grey Outdoor Porcelain

From £54.00 + VAT /m²

An ingenious lookalike of traditional sandstone external flagstone. Our Orcadie external porcelain tile emulates the rustic textured surface of a sandstone – no one would ever know this was a porcelain tile! Available in three popular shades, and two versatile sizes including the ever-popular 900x600mm size.

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Additional Information

Lead time 2 to 3 weeks approximately.

We recommend when ordering to include 10-15% for wastage and cuts.

All products within the Orcadie range are rectified porcelain tiles.

Non-rectified and rectified

Non-rectified porcelain or ceramic tiles are cut to size prior to the firing process. The firing process then causes a degree of shrinkage and warping. These tiles are graded after firing but do not undergo any additional cutting. Because of this, greater variation in size (usually a matter of 1-2mm difference) between tiles should be expected compared with a rectified tile. Rectified tiles are cut to size after the firing process and so are much more precisely sized and have perfect 90 degree corners. When designing the tile layout consideration should be given as to whether tiles are rectified or non-rectified as this will have an influence on joint width and pattern.

Technical Information

Suitable for external use*
Surface TextureTextured
Slip RatingPTV +36 Wet, R11
Straight Edge Finish
Suitable for light-traffic areas e.g. Residential
Suitable for medium-traffic areas e.g. Residential & Commercial
Suitable for high-traffic areas e.g. Residential & Commercial


Porcelain & Ceramic Fitting Guidelines

For information about preparation and installation of our porcelain and ceramic tiles, see our Porcelain & Ceramic Fitting Guidelines.

Finishing Touches

We supply an extensive range of standard and customised finishing touches for your floor, including transitions and floor protection. For information, see Finishing Touches.

Maintain your Floor

For information on how to care for your floor, see Maintain your Floor.


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