/Lausanne Aged Limestone

Lausanne Aged Limestone

£130.00 /m² + VAT

The variation between the textured and smooth areas of this soft grey, hand-finished stone gives a beautifully aged appearance – a stone of classic elegance.

Additional Information

Lausanne Limestone has an aged finish. The aged finish has a heavy tumbled and worn finish achieving an aged and slight distressed look.

If fixing a Free Length pattern then joints should be staggered by a minimum of 100mm.

Lead time 2 to 3 weeks

When ordering include 10-15% for wastage and cuts


All stone is naturally porous to varying degrees. For modern-day living and to improve stain resistance, your stone should be sealed at the time of installation. Correct sealing is the key to minimal maintenance. There are many different types of sealants available, depending on the tile type and texture, and on whether the tiles are being installed in high traffic areas or wet zones. For personalised advice, please contact us on 01764 684836 or via our website.


  • Sealants may not prevent staining in all circumstances and so spillages should be cleaned up as soon as possible.
  • Dry mopping or vacuuming will gently remove any abrasive dirt which could be harmful to the floor.
  • When wet mopping your floor, excess water should be avoided. It is best to use a damp microfibre-type mop, which has been wrung out. This prevents dirt suspended in the water settling out into the grout lines or surface features.
  • Any abrasive or acid-containing cleaning products must be avoided. Use our recommended cleaners only. We recommend Lithofin Easycare or for very dirty floors use Lithofin Powerclean.


  • Door mats, such as coir mats, are good at trapping grit and dirt before they are brought into the room.
  • Felt pads attached to the feet of stools or chairs will prevent scratching of the stone/terracotta surface.

At Strathearn Stone & Timber we only use protection and care products we know and trust. If you would like further information, product recommendations or prices please call 01764 684836 or email info@stoneandtimber.co.uk.

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