Project Description

  • Roccato di Ostuni Limestone

  • Roccato di Ostuni Limestone

  • Roccato di Ostuni Limestone

  • Roccato di Ostuni Limestone

    Roccato di Ostuni Limestone


Lindsay Buchan Architects


Project: Supply of Roccato di Ostuni aged limestone flooring with underfloor heating.


This sensitive renovation and new oak framed extension was carefully run by Lindsay Buchan Architects with whom we worked to deliver an astonishingly hardwearing and timeless floor covering. As soon as our client visited the showroom they fell in love with our Roccato aged stone flooring from Ostuni in the Puglia region of Italy. We installed stone in the kitchen, entrance reception hall, bathroom and wine store. The extra demands of fitting within an oak frame that would move slightly as the building settled, and over an anhydrite screed with underfloor heating complicated the installation – but we delivered on time and again within budget!


The drying time of the anhydrite screed dictated when we were able to start the installation. Close electronic monitoring of the screed meant frequent visits to the property to monitor its drying time. Once the sub floor’s moisture content was within acceptable limits, we installed a decoupling membrane over the screed to reduce the risk of lateral distortion and of the stone tiles cracking. The Rocatto stone was installed over a number of days, control joints installed where the underfloor heating zones changed, before sealing and grouting. A final coat of protective wax was polished into the stone to enhance the final floor appearance. The results speak for themselves.