Stone is undeniably appealing – we all loved collecting pebbles on the beach. Picking out the ones with cool stripy patterns or the one with that amazing and unique colour that only nature can create. If we were really lucky, we would find a real treasure – a fossilised creature that swam in our seas millions and millions of years ago. We kept these treasures in our rooms and, every now and then, felt their comforting smoothness and warmth in our hands, transporting us back to those happy days on the beach. By introducing natural stone into our homes, we can recreate these moments but at the same time provide an enduringly beautiful, practical and unique floor or wall covering.

Stone offers so many possibilities in terms of design, look and feel – it can create a space that looks futuristic or can recreate the feel of an ancient flag floor that has been walked over for centuries. You can craft a feature or design a statement using textures and shapes or by clever combinations. Stone works fantastically well with underfloor heating, and can be used to provide an outside living space, seamlessly extending from inside, blurring the traditional home-garden boundary.

So how on earth do you choose your floor or wall tile from the seamless infinite possibilities?

Our team are passionate about our products and have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the right choice for you, but as a general guide the considerations fall into 3 Cs – Colour, cost, care and 3 Ss – sustainability, suitability, size.


Decide whether you are looking for light or dark, cool or warm shades, consistent colour or lots of shade variation. For darker colouring, consider slates, black or grey toned limestones or marbles, and of course granite too.


If you are working to a budget, then slates and travertines are good options. But remember if you are choosing for smaller areas like hallways, bathrooms or shower areas, you can create something really special by choosing one of our more impressive options, making a real statement but not breaking the bank.


If natural stone is sealed correctly then care and maintenance of any stone floor should be easy and straightforward. Polished stone tiles need to be refreshed with a maintenance product and buffed from time to time to maintain the polished appearance.


Some types of stone are more hard-wearing than others and if you are installing your tiles in an area of high traffic, particularly areas where outdoor shoes may be worn, then it is best to avoid softer honed or polished tiles. Tumbled tiles with plenty of colour variation or multicoloured slates are perfect at disguising marks and superficial dirt, so you don’t have to be too precious and follow everyone around with a mop!


This is one area that you do not have to worry about. The stone we use is sourced from quarries and partners whose commitment to quality is matched only by their passion for beauty. We recognise the importance of sustainable materials and the impact of our carbon footprint on our planet. That is why we take comfort in the long-term durability of stone and the fact that its cost over a lifetime is actually less than the replacement costs associated with more inexpensive man-made floor and wall coverings.


The choice of size and shape too is usually dictated by the look you are trying to achieve, the room size and your budget. Using square tiles in one size laid ‘in-line’ can provide a more contemporary feel, whereas rectangular tiles laid in a brick-bond pattern make for a more traditional appearance. Large format tumbled flags can look just like an old farmhouse floor, whereas large format honed or polished tiles provide sleek lines and flawless finish for a clean, contemporary look. A mix of tiles sizes, such as an Opus pattern (which follows designs used by the ancient Romans), provides a floor with infinite interest that looks fabulous in any setting.

Should you have any questions about our stone range or advice about which stone is best for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team pride themselves on guiding and helping customers choose the perfect stone floor for their home.