Terracotta & Sandstone

Terracotta & Sandstone

Picture shows Auvergne Tumbled Sandstone
Auvergne Tumbled Sandstone St Sebastian Cotto Cairnwell Aged Sandstone St Sebastian Cotto hand-made tiles

Our Terracotta and Sandstone natural stone collection is the choice for charming, country cottage warmth, minimalist drama and enduring heritage tradition. Hard wearing, easy to care for and practical, these materials are often the ones you see in historic properties still looking remarkable centuries after they were first installed. 

Our terracotta and sandstone collection is available in a range of tile sizes, including extra-large flagstones. Download our price list for our ranges, sizes and prices.


Terracotta flooring add gentle, rustic charm to traditional and modern kitchens. The originals are still found in country homes all over Europe, testimony to hard wearing strength and natural beauty which only improves with age. Strathearn terracotta tiles are constructed from kiln-dried, refined clay with flaws and traces of salt and lime for an authentic, aged finish.

Terracotta is one of the most porous flooring materials but, correctly sealed after installation, it’s also remarkably durable and anti-slip so a good choice for high traffic hallways, kitchens and boot rooms.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock which is made up of large grains of minerals or rocks. Despite being relatively soft sandstone is naturally durable. Available in soft subtle tones and some of our range can also be used for external use, creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.