Georgian Townhouse, Edinburgh

Georgian Townhouse, Edinburgh

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Client: Stephen and Heather Leach

Georgian townhouse, Edinburgh New Town

Project: Supply and installation of oak and limestone flooring throughout a four-storey townhouse in Edinburgh New Town.

The Brief

We first met Stephen and Heather’s builder, Gordon Dixon, when he visited our exhibition at the 2016 Home Building & Renovation Show in Glasgow. Although at that point the townhouse restoration project was still at the ideas’ stage, Gordon felt our range of ultra-wide, ultra-long oak flooring would fit well his clients’ plans.

Contracted to select and design floors for the entire four-storey townhouse, we opted for a variety of board lengths and widths to complement the traditional proportions of individual rooms. A sense of effortless cohesion throughout was essential to the overall aesthetic, and flooring also had to be installed in-line with a new underfloor heating system.

The Solution

On the recommendation of their builder, Stephen and Heather visited Strathearn’s Forteviot showroom to see our range for themselves. Both felt salvaged hardwood engineered flooring would work beautifully in the master bedroom, and Chambord engineered oak was chosen to reflect the traditional architecture throughout the rest of their home.

As in any major restoration project, we worked closely with other contractors to ensure flooring looked wonderful, functioned effectively with underfloor heating, and was more than capable of meeting the demands of a busy family home for years to come.

Chambord Limousin Manoir ultra-wide, ultra-long oak flooring was used to create a seamless flow through the townhouse’s living and dining areas. Floors for bedrooms, and other smaller rooms, were also designed using Chambord Limousin, but in varying board widths and lengths to complement individual spaces.

Stephen and Heather had always envisaged stone floors in muted, neutral colours for the entrance hall, and family kitchen. We suggested Matisse tumbled limestone in soft grey. Both clients were delighted with the understated grandeur of the finished floors, and loved their subtle interpretation of the townhouse tradition.

Creating a range of external door sets, designed to reflect the heritage of the house in an original style, was the final step for the Strathearn team. Built from accoya with a crisp, white painted finish, the doors looked remarkable in-situ, which for us, was an almost perfect end to this exciting project.

Stephen and Heather’s major restoration is now a stunning family home, and we’re pleased to say our floors look even more spectacular offset against their striking, and original interior design.