A sense of wonderment never dies. It’s just something most people don’t think about in the day to day. But, take us to a beach or a forest, paddle in a river or search for pebbles and we’re as enchanted as we ever were.

At Strathearn Stone & Timber it’s our never ending sense of enchantment that fuels our passion. It’s the foundation on which we lay floors. The strength behind our doors. The warmth in our beams and lintels. You’ll even find it in the tiny details of our hand forged door and window furniture.

The people we work with are passionate too. Every piece of stone is chosen with care, not for uniformity but for individuality. Our timber takes sustainability, durability and beauty into consideration. We understand that passion should be enduring so everything we create for you is designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

And we know for sure that the people we work for are passionate too. Whether they’re restoring a traditional cottage, chatelains of a magnificent ancestral home, award winning architects or interior designers, they trust Strathearn Stone & Timber to realise their vision.

It’s about understanding really. And just because we’re a bit past shinning up trees doesn’t mean we don’t remember exactly what it takes to make that perfect moment. The only difference is that now, we’re re-creating the moments and making them last and last.