Strathearn Website Relaunch (not before time)

The new (and hopefully much improved) Strathearn website is ready to launch, at last. We thought we’d be saying this back in October but, as usual, work took priority and everything else went on hold – again and again.

You might well ask why bother going to so much effort when Strathearn are clearly in demand anyway. Short answer really comes down to seeing our website as more of a conversation than a sales tool: keeping customers up to speed with new products and looping them in on interesting projects. And we can shamelessly show off pretty pictures of finished jobs too, which is never a bad thing.

The rise and rise of parquet and what else is new

Parquet’s back with a vengeance and it’s turning out to be very beautiful and amazingly versatile. We recently completed work on an entire Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh New Town which involved designing parquet floors to replace the 18th century originals. Dealing with grand proportions and, running patterns seamlessly through several reception rooms, was a challenge but the end results are remarkable. We’re allowed to say that without sounding too immodest, because the townhouse recently featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland.

Porcelain’s another material we’ve seen revived over the past few years. At one time it was the low-cost alternative to natural stone or wood, these days it’s a design statement in its own right. Our wood effect tiles are one of the most popular choices for saunas and bathrooms when organic materials aren’t practical. And more and more customers are looking to porcelain just to get the right aesthetic for very uniform industrial-style flagged floors or to link indoor and outdoor rooms.

Our off-the-wall rethink on wall cladding

Natural wood and stone’s always our first love, but we have to admit to recently falling in a big way for resin. Bear with us on this one, it’s not as bad as it sounds. This particular seductive resin is bonded with up to 90% organic stone or marble, so it’s incredibly authentic looking but very light and easy to work with. Initially we were sceptical too; after seeing it in several client’s homes, we’re converts. Although, of course, our hearts still belong to timber and stone really.

New website, new showroom and nearly New Year

How did that happen? One minute it was spring and we were thinking new website. Suddenly, tis the season to be jolly and as good as Hogmanay. If you’ve a minute come the New Year, drop in and say hello. We now have two showrooms at Forteviot so there’s more space to get a feel for our products and plenty of room to have a chat with one of the team too.

And finally, Happy Christmas and here’s to a peaceful and contented 2017.

Feel free to drop in any time in December too, we’re open until the 23rd, or give us a call on 01764 684836.

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